Silvia Rigoni Mario Farina
Simone Cirani Lorenzo Pini
Daniele Dui Daniele Roverato

Band members

Silvia Rigoni - vocals
Mario Farina - vocals
Simone Cirani - guitar and backing vocals
Lorenzo Pini - keyboards
Daniele Dui - bass
Daniele Roverato - drums

Former band members

Sara Rossi - vocals (April 2003 - November 2004)
Jacopo Matticchio - bass (April 2003 - November 2004)
Tiziano Valente - guitar (November 2004 - January 2008)


Grinning Shadows were born in 2003 from an idea of Simone Cirani. Together with Mario Farina, Lorenzo Pini, and Daniele Roverato, a project resembling gothic/black metal atmospheres and classic traits comes to life. The lineup is completed with Sara Rossi and Jacopo Matticchio. After a few months, Grinning Shadows are ready to record and publish their first concept album "Elegy in Blood", which received good feedback from both critics and general audience. Soon after the release of the album, Sara and Jacopo leave the band and are replaced by Silvia Rigoni and Daniele Dui, respectively. Grinning Shadows also decide to weigh down their sound by adding Tiziano Valente at the second guitar. Despite the lineup changes, the band goes on with its live activity and writing of new songs. In 2007, the new EP "Stains of Sin" is released and receives good commentaries from audience and insiders. After Tiziano leaves the band due to personal reasons, Simone starts writing new songs, featuring a more personal and mature attitude. Step by step, the EP "The New Curse", the band's new creature, begins to take shape. Recorded by Tommy Talamanca (Nadir Studios) and Alessandro Bissa (Bee-X Studios), it is scheduled for release in March 2010.